Basic batters : sago and blended fish

Ingredients for Fish consomme
-150 gr river/sea fish, boiled and blend
-250 ml lumpy of coconut extract oil
-500 ml liquid of coconut extract oil
-Salt as needed
-500 ml fish consomme
-fried union

Blended of:
7 pcs union
4 pcs garlic
5 pcs pecan panbroil
1/2 tea-spoon coriander
1/2 tea-spoon pepper
1 spoon scarred coconut
1cm ginger
1 stalks of citronella
2 cm turmeric
2 sheet of bay leaf
a few of salt

How to make celimpungan:
1. Take basic batter and make it like a ball by using your finger
2. boiled water, enter ball of celimpungan, wait until they are floated in the water
3. drain up

How to make Flavor:
1. fry without oil all the spice except citronella and bay leaf
2. blend all of the spice

How to make Sauce:
1.boil water or fish consomme and add liquid coconut oil
2.Enter all blended flavor and fish fillet
3.stir them
4.enter lumpy of coconut oil, citronella, bay leaf and cook a minute until become greasy
5.enter celimpungan
ready to serve