The Coroner Justice that held yesterday, 29 July at Subordinate Court Singapore was fully intervention from Singapore government. Singapore Government covered up the truth of coroner of David’s death. The result of this coroner justice as predicted stated that David’s death was suicide and case closed!

The result of autopsy from forensic Doctor including David’s 36 wounds and pocks of blood on David’s laptop and the silent situation at campus on that day of incident, and some of infelicities, all of those facts that should be as a exhibitor, on the other hand, those not mention during the assembly lasting.

David’s case had reached to the area of politics and related to foreign politics of Indonesian government, and Indonesian government should help this case. According to David’s family, Indonesian government in this case, on behalf of President Susilo Bambang Yudoyono no significant help to this case so far. Yesterday, on tempointeraktif, the candidate of vice president Indonesia, Boediono promised to give assistant to this case, but as most people predicted that Indonesian government will be unable to show the cuspid to Singapore.

As MetroTV interviewed David’s family, “if the result stated that David’s dead was suicide, what the family next plan to do?”, William, David’s brother said, “possibility, the family will bring this case to the International Court of Justice”.