David Hartanto Widjaja is a brilliant student from Indonesia, he was one of participants of Math Olympiad in Mexico and also had ever joined a National Science Olympiad in Indonesia. After he finished his senior high school at SMK I Penabur, Jakarta- Indonesia, David got the scholarship from Nanyang Technology University (NTU) of Singapore so he continued his study to university at Nanyang Technology University in Singapore.

Tragically when he studied several years and almost finished his study at NTU in Singapore, on 2nd March 2009 David was founded miserable died and uselessly at NTU Campus. He was so unlucky when he prepared his Final Project Report to finish his study at NTU, a terrible tragedy was occurred to him and had aborted his bright future.

His family and some of the lawyers either from S’pore or Indonesia suspect that David was not suicide as most of Singapore newspapers and police has mentioned and this also supported by the result of autopsy from the forensic doctors. Forensic Doctors, Dr.Djaja Surya, Dr. Erin Untoro and some other forensic doctors stated that based on autopsy David’s wounds indicated that David was not suicide but he was a victim of the murder. Most of the people said that David’s death was related to his brilliant invention research at Singapore military installation that has a high value of invention.

Prof. Chan Kap Luk, as professor to David research was suspected involved to David’s death, they believe that Prof.Chan wanted David’s invention which is regarding high technology of IT science. David’s invention is about spy security dimension camera and this project was at Singapore Military installation, according to them David’s invention is sophisticated and very amazing and important to Singapore government. However, on the other hand, until today the police in Singapore still reported that David tried to kill his Professor before he’s died because his scholarship was stopped by NTU.

David’s Case has been lasting about five months but until today still a mystery, and on 29 July 2009 will be the Justice Court decision about this case whether David’s dead due he was suicide, was killed or open verdict. During David’s case there were series of mystery dead lasted at Nanyang Technology University Campus. In March,6 2009 Zho Zheng, an assistant of laboratory, founded died, and in March 27, 2009 Hun Kun china citizen, 29 year of age,also founded died. Hun Kun was a researcher at Electrical Electronic Engineering (EEE) similar with David Hartanto.

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