-Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X is a Sultan for Mid-Java Kingdom heritage, he is the son of Sultan Hamengku Buwono IX, the King of Middle Java Kingdom from the history of Indonesia. His father, Sri Sultan HB XI not only as the King but also as vice president of Indonesia for only one period in Soeharto regime. Soeharto was the president of Indonesia who was famous as one of the long period dominated presidents in the world, he governed for 32 years after finally fell down from his regime by a big reformation demonstration of the public.

After his father was died, Sri Sultan HB X was appointed as the king for the kingdom heritage of Mid-Java until today as well as filled the position of the governor of Jogyakarta-Indonesia. Currently he is as one of the president candidates for period 2009-2014 of Indonesia. Among other candidates he is the most attractive and potential candidate. Hopefully if he is selected later, he will be able to bring the significant changes in Indonesia to be a better condition in economic, security, politics, law etc.

Author : Irma
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