Ada 3 meteor melintasi langit

Aku baca di bahwa bulan April 2010 ini tgl 22-26 antara pukul 10 malam hingga menjelang datangnya waktu sholat subuh terjadi hujan meteor yang dapat disaksikan dengan mata biasa diseluruh penjuru langit di Indonesia.

Maka aku menyempatkan diri untuk melihat fenomena alam ini, ketika malam tiba aku menengadah melihat langit yang luas dan bersih tanpa awan….dan aku mulai berdo’a kepada NYA agar dapat diperlihatkan keajaiban ciptaanNYa. Hari itu aku belum melihat adanya meteor dilangit….dan aku mencoba berbicara pada sang Khalik alam semesta ini agar aku diperkenankan melihat meteor. Kemudian beberapa hari kemudian ketika aku sedang do something upstair and see again to the sky…suddenly aku bisa melihat sepertinya ada benda langit yang kecil jauh dilangit berbinar seperti bintang dan….dia melintasi langit dari ujung ke ujung langit….wahh…indahnya, aku pikir pasti itulah meteor…karena kalau bintang tidak berjalan tapi tetap ditempat, dan aku melihat ada 3 benda langit yang bersinar terbang melintasi langit yang bersih dan gelap… terimakasih ya Allah sudah memperlihatkan kepadaku keajaiban ciptaanMu yang begitu hebat….

Prof. Dr. Jerald Frederick Dirkins Surrendered To Islam

dirks_b“There is some irony in the fact that the supposedly best, brightest, and most idealistic of ministers-to-be are selected for the very best of seminary education, e.g. that offered at that time at the Harvard Divinity School. The irony is that, given such an education, the seminarian is exposed to … much … historical truth. .. As such, it is no real wonder that almost a majority of such seminary graduates leave seminary, not to “fill pulpits”, where they would be asked to preach that which they know is not true, but to enter the various counseling professions. Such was also the case for me, as I went on to earn a master’s and doctorate in clinical psychology.”

Prof.Dr. Dirks is a former minister (deacon) of the United Methodist Church. He holds a Master’s degree in Divinity from Harvard University and a Doctorate in Psychology from the University of Denver. Author of “The Cross and the Crescent: An Interfaith Dialogue between Christianity and Islam” (2001), and “Abraham: The Friend of God” (2002). He has published over 60 articles in the field of clinical psychology, and over 150 articles on Arabian horses.
© 2002 (Abu Yahya) Jerald F. Dirks, M. Div, Psy. D. Reproduced below with his permission and segmented into six sections without any alternation or editing in the text content.

Childhood and Education
One of my earliest childhood memories is of hearing the church bell toll for Sunday morning worship in the small, rural town in which I was raised. The Methodist Church was an old, wooden structure with a bell tower, two children’s Sunday School classrooms cubbyholed behind folding, wooden doors to separate it from the sanctuary, and a choir loft that housed the Sunday school classrooms for the older children. It stood less than two blocks from my home. As the bell rang, we would come together as a family, and make our weekly pilgrimage to the church.
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Singapore Government fully interfered to Coroner Justice

The Coroner Justice that held yesterday, 29 July at Subordinate Court Singapore was fully intervention from Singapore government. Singapore Government covered up the truth of coroner of David’s death. The result of this coroner justice as predicted stated that David’s death was suicide and case closed!

The result of autopsy from forensic Doctor including David’s 36 wounds and pocks of blood on David’s laptop and the silent situation at campus on that day of incident, and some of infelicities, all of those facts that should be as a exhibitor, on the other hand, those not mention during the assembly lasting.
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Coroner Justice for David’s Death Case

Final Coroner Justice for David Case is held today, 29 July 2009 in Singapore. According to the headlines news, Vice President elected, Boediono will give assistant to this case. How and what is the decision, the details news about it I will publish it by tomorrow.

David Hartanto Widjaja Case

David Hartanto Widjaja is a brilliant student from Indonesia, he was one of participants of Math Olympiad in Mexico and also had ever joined a National Science Olympiad in Indonesia. After he finished his senior high school at SMK I Penabur, Jakarta- Indonesia, David got the scholarship from Nanyang Technology University (NTU) of Singapore so he continued his study to university at Nanyang Technology University in Singapore.

Tragically when he studied several years and almost finished his study at NTU in Singapore, on 2nd March 2009 David was founded miserable died and uselessly at NTU Campus. He was so unlucky when he prepared his Final Project Report to finish his study at NTU, a terrible tragedy was occurred to him and had aborted his bright future.
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Spanish Omelet, Recipe for diabetics people

Spanish Omelet / Tortilla española
This is a healthy array of vegetables, a tasty meal for diabetic people. Suitable for breakfast, brunch, or any meal! Serve with fresh fruit salad and a whole grain dinner roll.
spanish omelet

President Election for Indonesia


SBY (incumbent) –Versus — Sri Sultan HB X

Regarding Indonesian general election for the new president, I just want to share my opinion about my choice. Simply that I select the president who is elegant, smart, communicative and diplomatic, strong and wise person subsequent his good looking.

Unless Sultan HB X is not become the callenged candidate, I will select those who so much close to an ideal candidate but not the incumbent. Why not incumbent? because we should give opportunity for the other candidates who is able to bring the change in Indonesia in order tomorrow will be better rather than today.

Challenged Candidate against Incumbent
Jusuf Kalla JK
Megawati Soekarnoputri Mega